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Project Name

Holcim production plant

Project background

In the aim of streamlining production processes and increasing production output, Humes / Holcim decided to merge their 3 Queensland production sites in to one new, state of the art facility to be completed in 2013.

Scope of services

Site search advice

Gallagher Jeffs was engaged to provide technical due diligence advice required to effectively choose a suitable site for the facility. This required thoroughly investigating short listed options and providing the technical insight in order to negotiate effectively with the preferred developer(s).

Project management

After the site was selected, the process of master planning the 14 ha. site began. As at July 2012, site master planning and detailed design is completed and tender documentation has been issued. Construction is expected to commence in September 2012. The detailed design for specific facilities is also completed, for a 22,000m2 state of the art  production facility.

Through the concentrated effort of Gallagher Jeffs, Holcim and the project team, the project achieved council planning approval in just 3 months, which is much faster than the standard time frame.

Gallagher Jeffs is also auditing the site development works on the site by the vendor Investa Property Group in readiness of Holcim taking posession to commence the construction of the facility.


Humes / Holcim


$75 million


Industrial & Infrastructure